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You guys should go like and share this video, just saying.
Stirling Statue by Cassidy0308
Stirling Statue
Went on a vacation to Ireland and Scotland in the summer of 2015!
Just outside of Stirling Castle in Scotland!
Dunnottar Castle by Cassidy0308
Dunnottar Castle
Went on a vacation to Ireland and Scotland in the summer of 2015!
The castle we were walking to. Didn't get all the way there, but still beautiful.
Stonehaven Heaven by Cassidy0308
Stonehaven Heaven
Went on a vacation to Ireland and Scotland in the summer of 2015!
I really loved the little town, but the walk to the castle (which we didn't get to, grandma couldn't do it) was beautiful.
Stonehaven by Cassidy0308
Went on a vacation to Ireland and Scotland in the summer of 2015!
Stonehaven, Scotland, up on the walking path on the way to a castle.


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I don't even know... I spent some time trying to correct grammar, then gave up when I couldn't make sense of it anymore... I just... Don't even know...

Tagged by: :iconhitsugayatoshirofan:

Featuring: Asami Kobayashi, Dōkeshi Himura & Faye Storm-Rider (SUPER CLICHE NAME FOR THE WIN.)

Question 1. ..... Like Anal in the man or women?
Asami: Why is this... Even on here. What the HELL!?
Dōkeshi: *Not sure what to make of this*
Faye: I'm not quite sure what this has to do with anything, but I guess I'll answer no... Or maybe... I wouldn't really know...

Question 2. Would you like ..... Breasts?
Asami: Well... I have some, don't need any. If you're asking if I'm sexually attracted to breast, then no...
Dōkeshi: *Raises hand quietly* Would someone please remind me of why I agreed to this? Please? *Hiding in corner*
Faye: Yes. *Completely straight face*

Question 3. Would you like ..... Bondage?
Asami: O.e *Blushing as red as a tomato* Wha- I- NO!
Dōkeshi: *Curls into fetal position* Do... Not.. Like...
Faye: ;) Ill let you decide
(Obviously a perverted cyborg.)

Question 4. Would you like costumes?
Dōkeshi: Well... That really depends... Which way are you implying? *Is wishing he had an innocent mind*
Faye: I don't know what you two are making a fuss about... These questions are all so simple. Costumes are fun once in a while. :P

Question 5. ....... Like the leather?
Asami: Well... I would be lying if I said I didn't...
Dōkeshi: O.O (In other words... Maybe a little too much. He is a man, after all.)
Faye: You kidding? I'm wearing it now!

Question 6. Would you like ..... Socks?
Asami: Only to slide around the floor in. Don't much care for them.
Dōkeshi: AHH. *Clutching head so his dirty thoughts don't escape*
Faye: Socks? Seriously?

Question 7. ... Do you like boots?
Asami: Yes, I prefer them much more to the sandals we're obligated to wear... *Sigh* But you know, breaking ankles on raised sandals is cool too.
Dōkeshi: Nope...
Faye: Yes. Big, clunky, buckle covered midcalf boots. It's funny, 'cause even though it's another fifty pounds on my legs, I kick ass.

Question 8. .... Like the suit and tie?
Asami: To wear? Well, honestly, I hate dresses so I'd probably be more likely to wear a suit and tie... On guys however... Well, yeah... *Zoning out imagining her Lieutenant in suit*
Dōkeshi: No... I hate casual...
Faye: Nahh, way too formal.

Question 9. ... Do you like muscular people?
Asami: Sort of, but not really. Not too much muscle, then their heads look all small and you're scared to touch them because they might break you in half or something... Also, they look just... Weird.
Dōkeshi: *Looks at tall, scrawny self* Well... It wouldn't be a bad thing to be a little more muscular...
Faye: *Wiggles eyebrows*

Question 10. El.....Embarazo Like / Breastfeeding?
Asami: Wha... Why even-
Faye: Eh...

Question 11..... Like incest?
Dōkeshi: *Unavailable at the moment*
Faye: That... Can't say I do...

Question 12. ... Do you like girly boys?
Asami: Well, Yumichika is actually a pretty good friend of mine, so I'll have to answer yes. If I don't I'm afraid he'll shave off my eyebrows while I sleep or something... *Shudders*
Dōkeshi: *Still gone*
Faye: No. Just no. They're so annoying! Jonathan let one aboard the ship once. Never have I ever pitched someone overboard so quick.

Question 13. .. Do you like uniforms?
Asami: Yes. Don't know why. Just do.
Dōkeshi: *Walked in at the wrong moment* Uniforms!? SERIOUSLY!? *Dirty mind is dirty*
Faye: Oh yes. ;)

Question 14. .. Do you like orgies?
Asami: Dōkeshi, let me join you in your corner...
Dōkeshi: *Opens arms* Come, friend. Leave the world of sexual questions and come to the quiet corner.
Faye: *Facepalm* In my two-hundred thirty-one years of life, never have I ever been a part of one, and I don't plan to. EVER.

Question 15. ... Do you like tentacles?
Asami: No. *Shudders* Octopus, squid and the like scare the bajeezus out of me.
Dōkeshi: No...
Faye: No. Not really. That's just f***ing weird.

Question 16. Like masochism?
Asami: No... Especially that major masochism, where people like to cut themselves and such... That's just... I don't know, I don't think it's right.
Dōkeshi: *Shakes head*
Faye: Nope, more of a sadist. :D

Question 17. .. Like sadism?
Asami: Well... Sometimes...
(Hisagi butts in) ALL THE TIME. She enjoys my pain. -_-
Dōkeshi: Uh uhh

Question 18. The .... Like movie Snuff?
Asami: What... Even... WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!?
Dōkeshi: If they want us to answer a question, they could at least make it understandable, don't you think.
Faye: Uh, hi. Hello. Don't know if you know this, but I'm not yet fluent in the language of the idiots.

Question 19. Like gore?
Asami: O.o Yeah...
Dōkeshi: Maybe a little...

Question 20. .. Like asphyxiation?
Dōkeshi: O.O *Only one with any response* My mind is evil... *Still thinking dirty*

Question 21. Would you like .... Violations?
Asami: What kind of violations?
Dōkeshi: *Frozen*
Faye: I think you broke him.

What have you learned? 
A. Asami: Well... A couple new words, and also how dirty my best friend's mind is... *Shooting weird look at Dōkeshi*
B. Dōkeshi: *Still broken*
C. Absolutely nothing new. Nothing at all.

I AM TAGGING NO ONE. But anyone who wants to can! Leave a link so I can check it out!


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I like DA, tumblr, reading, drawing and sleeping.
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